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“The girls loved the school, if we come to London again, they will be back.”


“I could make many friends. So I enjoyed my class very much! I studyed a lot of new things. So it was very good for me. I love ICS!”

Violeta Clar

“Stonar is fantastic: as well as learning English we did a lot of great activities: drama, sports, visits to London, Bath, Cardiff, and Bristol, dance, talent contests… But best of all is making new friends. As well as meeting people from Agora School in Castellón, I met people from lots of different places: France, Luxembourg, […]

Jutta Kris

“Art class gives children an opportunity to explore, experiment and nurture the freedom to create. It is one of the building blocks of child development not only in non-verbal communication and inventiveness but in strengthening their decision-making skills, which in turn builds confidence. I believe it is important to give the children a chance to […]

María Torrents

“Art is a key discipline at Agora International School. We teach student techniques using different materials, as well as motivate them to use their creativity, imagination and inventiveness to come up with original work. Students at secondary level work on art projects individually and sometimes in groups, learning from each other and enriching themselves further. […]

Frederique Sizaret

“All the children at school have one choir session per week. But, very quickly, we realised that some of them wanted more. So for this reason, we decided to create the Agora Portals Choir. They develop their voice; they develop their ear, forces the pupils to be with other voices, and requires vertical listening. We […]

Marta Gómez

“The study and practice of an instrument provides a daily discipline difficult to reach in another way and which extends to other subjects. In effect, when a child takes an instrument, he or she learns that by practising and working every day the pieces come together, and self-motivation comes from being aware of his/her achievements. […]

David León Fioravanti

“Music, for its multi-sensory character, is a powerful educational tool. As well as the innumerable benefits it offers children in terms of intellectual, verbal and motor development, music favours creativity and significantly reinforces emotional and affective links. Given that children are ready to know and learn through their senses, feelings and intellect, musical education introduced […]

Carmen Mora

“IB prepares you to be an independent person, to carry out a successful university career”

Carlos Cañellas

“IB is demanding, it makes you learn from yourself, on your own and in group. Its variety of disciplines enables you to achieve skills both in science and mathematics as well as in art and languages”

Mar Muñoz

“I have learned to carry out investigation projects with a very similar methodology to the one used at university. It has shown me that continuous effort gives results”

Valeria Muntz

“IB is not only books and theory. It feeds your creativity, solidarity and independent thinking. It opens your eyes to the world and makes you a disciplined person. I would not change this formation for anything”

David Méndez

“The International Baccalaureate helps pupils to be more constructive and critical people, given that it is they who have to think and learn at their own pace, to then express their own ideas orally or in writing. Furthermore, they become aware that the world is multicultural, and what better way to do this than by […]

Gabriel Rosselló

“The International Baccalaureate is an excellent opportunity on a professional level for any teacher. For students it means the opportunity to improve their curriculum and skills. The values transmitted by the Diploma Programme encourage creativity, solidarity and self-discipline. They learn to investigate and to reflect perceptively and get used to scientific methodology. All this guarantees […]

Joanne Evans

“Language acquisition does not stop at the classroom door. The diversity of students at Agora Portals offers the children exposure to the languages and traditions of other cultures at all times. The teachers’ role as a language reference for the learners is constant and consistent, right from the daily greetings to assisting them in the […]

Therase Jenkinson

“As a mother of two bilingual children living in Spain, my hope is that they will have the opportunity to not only communicate effectively in my mother tongue, but also to connect to and feel part of the culture and traditions of English speaking communities. As a teacher at Agora, I am secure in the […]

Sara Sancho

“The combination of the international, innovative and varied curriculum offered at Agora Portals, driven by a team of highly skilled and experienced educators who aim to provide students not only with knowledge and values but also key skills for life, makes for a unique, enriching and personalised educational experience for students and staff alike. The […]

Marc Oliver

”Agora Portals School was my home for 7 years. I grew there as a person, I learnt and I met people who I will never forget. After a short time at school, the staff in the Guidance Department realised that I had Dyslexia. From that moment on I received lots of help and support from […]

Alba Pizá

”Highlighting something about Agora is difficult, given that there are so many things I’ll take with me from this school. For me it was a way to see the world in a different way: having the opportunity to share a classroom with so many different people with such different personalities, who come from other countries […]

Louisa Nelles

“Hello! I am Louisa Nelles, former Head Girl of Agora portals. I think the opportunities this school offers are great, not only because of the quality of learning that takes place but also thanks to the highly engaged and skillful teachers who know how to establish a good balance between making lessons entertaining but still […]

Esteban Cantarellas Family

“Our son Javi has a developmental delay. We have only words of gratitude for the Psychopedagogy team at Agora Portals. The speed and professionalism of all its members has helped our son to develop well, surprising us all with his progress and making us so happy day after day. Thank you so much, he wouldn’t […]

Thompson Family

“Our daughter was first diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum shortly before arriving at Agora in 2009 when she was 5 years old. Since then she has received personal attention and instruction from several specialist teachers from the DO who have worked with her in the multi-sensory DO classroom using both English and Spanish. […]

Sònia Marzo

“I was looking for a trilingual school with a good academic level where respect, diversity, effort and self-improvement were its pillars, believing that the other aspects of education should complement them through external activities, and I was surprised to learn that all the areas of a multidisciplinary education were taught at one school: mental arithmetic, […]

Meritxell Collet

“One of the great benefits of this school is the international student population. Not only do you hear around five different languages every day in class, but you are also enriched culturally. It’s like visiting the globe without stepping outside my classroom! However, what makes this school special is the close-knit environment. You can easily […]

Macarena Vives

“At Agora Portals pupils are not just names on a list, we all see that the teachers care about every one of us. Many of my classmates have different abilities or are involved in professional sports or music, and despite this, classes and exams are adapted to fit their needs without this being a problem, […]

Antonio Hernández

“Throughout all these academic years I have discovered the reach of our Educational Project, how far it really goes. Agora Portals is much more than a school, it is its own style: singular, unique, different. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to pupils I taught in my first few years at the school, who are […]

Eva Fitz

“Agora Portals is much more than Spanish, Science and Maths. It is what the name implies: doors to open and worlds to explore. The opportunities to develop their interests and discover new worlds are limitless, and thanks to this, every child feels valued and appreciated. Apart from school life itself, pupils also organise and participate […]

Margalida Roca

“Over these eight years, Agora Portals School has given me much hope, enthusiasm to continue learning, and a great many positive experiences. I have learnt from my colleagues and from the pupils as well as the parents. I am now retired. It’s a great pleasure for me to still be in contact with all those […]

Luis Gómez

“As a NACE student at Agora Portals, I feel proud to belong to such an international community. The staff team is always there for us; a group of kind and active professionals who noticeably worry about our welfare and academic performance. I feel that, in my time at Agora Portals, I’ve grown not only in […]

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