25-metre indoor swimming pool

20 specialist sports teachers and coaches

+ 14 different sports available

5 annual sporting events

For pupils at Agora Portals International School, sport is an essential part of the curriculum. The school is surrounded by beautiful, natural parkland, ideal for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition to the obvious physical benefits of participating in regular exercise, engaging in sporting activity encourages our students to develop a wide range of interests, develop inherent values and share active experiences with their classmates. The Agora International Sports Club is an integral part of the school and our football, basketball and volleyball teams compete in local federated leagues. We are lucky enough to have a strong relationship with the nearby Cala Nova Sailing Club, enabling our students to learn sailing; many of our pupils are competent sailors and wind surfers.

Sport encourages students to develop personal values ​​such as perseverance, self-improvement, teamwork and cooperation. In Physical Education lessons our pupils learn a range of national and international sports including baseball, hockey, rugby, sports-acrobatics, dodgeball, badminton, ping-pong, ultimate frisbee, football, basketball, volleyball and handball. Via our Sports Club students can also participate in judo, soccer, basketball, volleyball and chess.

At Agora Portals International School, we consider swimming to be extremely important; not only is it excellent physical exercise and important for safety reasons that children learn how to swim as early as possible, but swimming also helps to enhance the body-mind balance and to promote independence and self-confidence. Swimming forms part of the main school curriculum for all pupils in Preschool and Primary and is also offered as an extracurricular activity, either for general enjoyment and improvement, or students can join our Swimming Club and participate in swimming as a competitive activity.

Numerous sporting events are organised throughout the academic year, in which our students are invited to participate. Off-site activities include an adventure camp in the Pyrenees, and activities on site include a week of sporting activity, summer sports camps, and an end-of-season tournament which includes sports such as football, volleyball and basketball. Families members, parents, students and teachers are all invited to participate in our annual 7A Portals 7-kilometre race. During our annual Sports Day, children take part in a day of friendly competition, when student of all ages come together and compete on behalf of their house sports teams.

At an international level, every year Agora Portals International School participates in sporting events and activities organised by the Globeducate Group which promote sporting excellence, healthy competition and provide an opportunity for our international community to gather together. During these events our students get to meet and make friends with pupils of different nationalities, cultures and languages and to share their passion for sport. A perfect example of this type of activity is the Globeducate Olympic Games, an international Olympic-style event that brings together 500 athletes from Globeducate schools from around the world.

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