More than just a School

Agora Portals International School offers a broad and balanced education, which goes beyond the demands of the official curriculum, and which considers the individual needs of every pupil in order to maximise their full academic and personal potential.

Our educational philosophy involves the integration of complete programmes in Music, Sport, and the Arts through which our pupils acquire values such as teamwork, self-discipline, hard work, respect, organisational skills and much, much more. These activities form a natural and integral part of daily life at our school, helping our pupils to develop physical and cognitive skills, improving academic performance and enhancing social skills.


The musical education at Agora Portals International School essentially aims to provide an active and enriching experience of music practice and theory, inspiring in our pupils a love of music which goes beyond the confines of the classroom and which, for many, will become a lifelong passion. We offer:

  • An official Music Academy
  • Classes in 14 different instruments
  • Performances in school and in external forums
  • Development of self-discipline, sensitivity and creativity
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Sport and healthy living play an important and integral part of both curricular and extracurricular activity at Agora Portals and in addition to the evident physical benefits of strenuous exercise, we believe that sport can be used as a vehicle for developing a strong values base. We offer:

  • A 25-metre pool and swimming lessons as part of the curriculum
  • A multi-purpose sports centre and outdoor courts
  • Participation in internal and international sporting events
  • 20 specialist sports teachers, instructors and coaches
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Creative Arts

Involvement in the Arts fosters creativity, develops artistic expression, and generates a multitude of personal and cognitive benefits:

  • Creative and artistic expression
  • Development of different artistic and creative skills
  • Delivered in English
  • Participation in local and international competitions and events
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