Global Readiness

Research indicates that learning several languages ​​from an early age contributes to a child’s cognitive development and provides many other lifelong social, intellectual and professional benefits. At Agora Portals International School, we offer a bilingual Spanish-English curriculum from Preschool onwards, and as children progress through the school, other foreign languages including German and French are introduced. Pupils also get the opportunity to study Chinese, which is introduced into the curriculum at the Preschool stage for its enormous cognitive benefits.


From day one at Agora Portals International School students are prepared for an international future and a key element of this overall mission is our focus on the importance of English; children are immersed in the English language from an early age and are taught by native English and fully bilingual teachers. Pupils are also offered the opportunity to study German and French, and Agora Portals International School has a dedicated, on-site Language Academy, promoting the study of Chinese and offering classes to help pupils to improve and perfect languages ​​learnt as part of the mainstream curriculum. Students are able to sit examinations set by the official Trinity and Cambridge English boards in English and by the Confucius Institute in Chinese.

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Exchange programmes

Exchange programmes provide our pupils with a valuable linguistic and culturally enriching experience, promoting our international vision and our students’ academic mobility. Thanks to the international network of more than 50 schools that belong to the Globeducate group and to our school’s international approach, our pupils are encouraged to participate in exchange programmes with some of the most prestigious school throughout the UK, France and Germany.

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International Events

Agora Portals participates in a comprehensive programme of international events and activities, enabling our pupils to improve their language skills and connect with students from over 50 nationalities. The Globeducate Group organise a number of international events throughout the academic year in which our pupils are invited to participate, including conferences, academic, artistic or sporting competitions and an international music festival.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a Pre-University level diploma, which is highly-respected in the field of international education and accepted as an entry qualification at the most prestigious universities in the world. The IB fosters and develops a critical, global and open mentality and delivers a broad and comprehensive knowledge base. It promotes fluency in different languages ​​and encourages skills such as the ability to learn independently, work as part of a team and values such as tolerance, commitment, self-discipline, hard work and compassion.

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