Our Mission and Core Principles

The educational programme at Agora Portals International School is based upon the four core principles common to all Globeducate: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness, More than a School and a Values-Based Education. These four principles form the foundation of our educational mission: to prepare each of our students for personal and professional success in an increasingly globalised world.

Our first core objective is Educational Excellence. We help our students to identify and develop their individual talents by using innovative teaching techniques and by providing each student with the personalised attention that they need to help them achieve their goals. Every day our highly qualified teachers are committed to ensuring that our pupils have the tools that they need to develop their talents, skills and aptitudes and to achieve their full academic potential. Our students have access to great teachers, innovative teaching methodologies, cutting edge technology and excellent facilities, which are adapted to meet the needs of each student at every stage of their educational journey.

Our second core objective is Global Readiness. We offer an immersive, English/Spanish bilingual education, with French, German and Chinese available at various stages of the curriculum, all taught by native or bilingual teachers. Our pupils sit internationally recognised language examinations and have constant access to a comprehensive programme of international activities, exchanges, events and opportunities for overseas study.  As part of the Globeducate Group, students at APIS form part of an extensive network of international private schools, which provide innumerable opportunities for connecting with the international community, practising languages skills, personal enrichment, and sharing experiences and friendships with students from all over the world.

Our third core principle is based upon the importance of providing an integrated, all-round education, achieved though offering a comprehensive range of subjects beyond the strictly academic curriculum and strongly promoting the role of Music, Sport and the Arts. These disciplines play an important part in the delivery of a broad and balanced education, bestowing enormous personal, cognitive and physical benefits, fostering sensitivity, enhancing self-esteem and promoting skills and values such as commitment, perseverance, teamwork and self-discipline.

Our fourth core principle involves the provision of a Values-Based Education. We want our students to be active and responsible citizens of the world, in possession of the intellectual and personal skills they will need to face the challenges of today’s global society. With this overall objective in mind, we work to instil lifelong values in our pupils; values such as respect, tolerance, self-improvement, commitment and social responsibility.  We believe that a strong ethical education provides the foundation upon which our students can grow and mature, and gives them the confidence, commitment, motivation and responsibility to take their places within the global community and to achieve success and happiness in every sphere of their lives.

Educational Excellence

With regard to Educational Excellence, our goal is to maximise every pupils’ academic potential and, to this end, we adopt an innovative curriculum, forward-thinking teaching and learning strategies and employ teachers who are constantly developing their skills and expertise. We promote innovation, embrace new technology and provide the facilities, resources and academic support to ensure that our students get to be the best that they can be.

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Global Readiness

At Agora Portals International School, we believe that Multilingualism is an essential factor in preparing our students to face the challenges of today’s global society. Our curriculum is delivered by native or bilingual teachers in order to ensure complete linguistic immersion, our pupils sit internationally recognised language examinations, and via the Globeducate network of over 30 schools located around the world, our students get the opportunity to participate in a wide range of international events, activities and exchanges.

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More than just a school

Co-curricular activities and an extensive extracurricular programme including Music, Creative Arts and Sport form a vital part of our students’ all-round education. These subjects help our students to develop fundamental skills such as abstract reasoning, critical thinking, self-discipline, creative and expressive skills, teamwork and cooperation.

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A Values-based Education

The fourth core principle upon which our educational programme is based is a Values-based Education. We believe that teaching our children values such as respect, tolerance, perseverance, responsibility and social commitment is a fundamental part of preparing them to make a positive difference in today’s fast changing world. Involvement in a wide range of community and charitable projects develops social and cultural awareness and encourages our students to become compassionate, open-minded and socially responsible young men and women.

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