International Events

Agora Portals International School offers unique opportunities to prepare our students for a truly international future. Throughout the academic year pupils from Agora Portals are invited to participate in international events and activities organised by the NACE Schools Group. At these events, our students get to meet and make friends with NACE students from all over the world and enjoy unique experiences that enrich and enhance the learning process, reinforce the importance of a global approach to education and promote openness towards and respect for other cultures.

These events are a key element in preparing our pupils for an international future and help them to embrace a more universal and open view of the world. The events are designed to lay the foundations for greater academic and professional mobility and encourage our pupils to improve their language skills, interact with students from other countries and enjoy the unique benefits available when learning in a completely international environment.

NACE Schools International Events

NACE Model United Nations (NACEMUN)

Simulates the United Nations debating format, whereby students from different NACE Schools represent delegates from different countries and hold lively debates on global issues in English.

NACE Academic Olympics

A scientific, mathematical, computer and linguistic Olympiad, whereby students from different NACE International schools engage in friendly academic and intellectual competition.

NACE International Music Festival

students from NACE School from around the world meet for a week to share, perform, play together and celebrate their passion for music.

NACE Olympic Games

A sporting competition between students from different schools and nationalities including friendly but hard-fought competitions in football, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, athletics and more.

NACE Arts Competition

A multidisciplinary Arts competition for students from all NACE Schools to share, exhibit and enjoy their creative and artistic skills.

Head Pupil Leadership Event

An event designed to develop leadership skills and confidence in public speaking with external speakers, workshops and team building activities.

NACE Football Cup

A football tournament for teams from schools belonging to the group.

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