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From day one at Agora Portals International School pupils are prepared for an international future and a key element of this overall philosophy is our focus on the importance of English and the introduction of other foreign languages at different stages of the curriculum. Children are immersed in the English language from an early age so that, for them, it becomes a normal and natural way of communicating; 50% of the curriculum is delivered in English throughout the Preschool and Primary stages. To ensure full immersion and to promote fluency, each language is taught by native or fully bilingual teachers and all interactions are conducted in the designated language.

All pupils in Preschool and first stage Primary are taught Mandarin Chinese and at Secondary level students study German or French to complete their multilingual education. For students who wish to further perfect their understanding and fluency in English, Agora Portals International School has an integrated Language Academy that supplements the languages taught as part of the mainstream curriculum and prepares pupils for the Trinity College or Cambridge English examinations.

As an official Language Academy, our students can sit examinations in internationally recognised qualifications from the following exam boards:

  • From Year 3 in Primary students can sit the Trinity College London examinations (12 levels)
  • From Year 8 (second year of Secondary Education) they can sit the Cambridge Exam Board First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • From Year 9 (third year of Secondary Education) they can sit the Cambridge Exam Board Advanced Certificate in English (CAE). Agora Portals International School is the only school enabling pupils to sit these exams at such a young age.
  • Pupils at Primary level can choose to sit the Official YCT Chinese Exam (Youth Chinese Test) as Agora Portals International School is an authorised Confucius Institute examinations centre: Chinese festivals and cultural activities are also incorporated into the daily life of the school.
  • Agora Portals International School is also the official headquarters in Majorca of the Cervantes Institute, which enables us to teach Spanish as a foreign language to students and parents who which to improve their Spanish and subsequently sit for the corresponding official examinations.


“As a mother of two bilingual children living in Spain, my hope is that they will have the opportunity to not only communicate effectively in my mother tongue, but also to connect to and feel part of the culture and traditions of English speaking communities. As a teacher at Agora, I am secure in the fact that they are receiving all the opportunities to make this wish a reality.”

Therase Jenkinson

Infant Education Teacher

“Language acquisition does not stop at the classroom door. The diversity of students at Agora Portals offers the children exposure to the languages and traditions of other cultures at all times. The teachers’ role as a language reference for the learners is constant and consistent, right from the daily greetings to assisting them in the dining room and in the playground, or simply just offering a friendly ear in times of need. Agora Portals is indeed a micro community reflecting the society of which our children will be members.”

Joanne Evans

4th Primary Teacher

Aviso Legal