The team formed by Marianne Boulard, Breno Casciello, Kike Pursals and Candela Arbona won the final of this english league organised by R.C. Calvià International against Bellver International College.

The motto of Agora Portals International School is dignity, effort and respect, values which were undoubtedly conveyed this week in the English debate league organised by Rotary Club Calvià International, as Breno Casciello told the opposing team after their victory on 27 January: “We have learned a lot from you and we hope that you have learned from us too, because in the end this is what the debate league is all about”.

The Agora Portals I.S. team with humility, temperance and effort beat The Academy in the semi-finals and faced Bellver International College in the final debate entitled “Artificial Intelligence is dangerous”.

Public speaking and having the confidence to stand up and speak to peers or strangers are important life skills for young people. Having the ability to gather your thoughts and speak clearly in a high-pressure situation are skills that will help them in their personal and working lives.

There is no doubt that the bilingual English-Spanish education that Agora Portals I.S. offers its pupils from the age of one provides them with the linguistic basis to be able to develop these skills comfortably in both languages. In the words of the school’s Director, Rafael Barea “Public speaking, debating and drama are fundamental disciplines and skills nowadays, which is why at Agora Portals International School we have introduced these subjects in English; our pupils in 1st Baccalaureate have given us great joy by winning the debate in English organised annually by the Rotary Club Calvia International, they have done so with great humility and with an excellent level of English and public speaking, congratulations! “

The Inter-School Debating Competition is an English debating league organised by R. C. Calvia International and in this edition several British schools of Mallorca, Liceo Francés  and Agora Portals International School participated.


You can watch the full debate on this link.

03 / 02 / 21