Extracurricular Activities

Agora Portals International School offers a full programme of extracurricular activities designed to encourage our students to develop new skills, improve the skills and aptitudes that they already possess and to enhance and enrich the knowledge gained during their curriculum lessons. The Extracurricular Programme includes activites such as sports, languages, music, fine arts, robotics and trips, enabling our students to continue learning in a relaxed, fun and sociable environment.

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Quality Certidficate S+

The National Child Safety Association has granted the prestigious Quality Certificate S+ to Agora Portals International School, becoming the first school in the Balearic Islands to obtain it. The Certificate S+ for Child Safety is the maximum international distinction for infant schools, schools and all facilities and services looking after children. It is a great honour for us to be acknowledged for the safety of our students.

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Acknowledgement by UNICEF

Agora Portals International School has been acknowledged by UNICEF as a benchmark in Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship (Initial Level) for the academic years 2018/19 and 2019/2020. A distinction that awards the commitment of the school with children’s rights and the involvement of the whole school community to make them part of the educational project and of everyday life. Thanks to all of you who have made it possible!

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Active English

As part of the Active English programme at Agora Portals International School we run English classes on Saturday mornings. Classes are offered to children aged from 4 to 11 years old and are open to Agora Portals International School pupils and members of the general public alike. At Active English children can work towards passing the official Trinity College London English Qualifications.

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An academic year at Stonar School UK

Students from Agora Portals International School are offered the opportunity to spend time studying at one of the UK’s most prestigious private schools, Stonar. Stonar School is located on a beautiful, 32-hectare private estate in the south-west of England and has been successfully educating children for over 120 years. The school forms part of the NACE Schools group and provides a unique and exciting opportunity for students to spend one or two terms or a full academic year totally immersed in English language and culture, follow a fully British curriculum and form life-long international friendships. A truly unforgettable experience.

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NACE Events

Attending international events is one of the ways in which our students can prepare themselves for life within the global community. NACE’s international network of schools enables students from Agora Portals International School to meet, compete, perform and share experiences with students from over 50 countries worldwide, in a range of musical, sporting, cultural and academic events. Participation in events of this type help our students to develop values such as tolerance, cultural awareness and respect and to make friends with other young people from around the globe.

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Agora Portals International School

Agora Portals International School

Agora Portals is a private international school located on the island of Majorca at Portals Nous in Calvià, and forms part of the highly-respected education group, NACE Schools. Our mission is to provide our students with an outstanding academic education in conjunction with a strong ethical foundation, and our curriculum is designed to facilitate linguistic immersion, particularly in English and Spanish. Our senior students can study for both the Spanish National and the International Baccalaureates and we have a 100% pass rate for both the Spanish University Entrance Examinations and the IB Diploma. We offer full programmes in Music, Sports and the Arts and aim to equip each of our students with the academic and personal skills that they need to become confident and useful citizens of the world.

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Agora Portals International School – The School Site

Agora Portals International School is situated in a beautiful and environmentally significant coastal area. Being close to the sea and surrounded by nature, our students are lucky enough to be able to study in a calm, focused and positive working environment, with all the facilities and resources that they need to succeed at every stage of their education. We have an official Music Academy on site and excellent, purpose-built sporting facilities, including outdoor courts and pitches, a fully equipped indoor sports centre and indoor swimming pool. Our extensive facilities and the proximity of the sea make studying at Agora Portals International School a unique and fulfilling experience.

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CICAE in Agora Portals

On Monday, 30 September, the Board of Directors for the Association of Private and Independent Schools (CICAE) held their first meeting of the academic year at Agora Portals International School, the only school in the Balearic Islands that belongs to this prestigious organisation. The directors discussed a range of topics relevant to the future of […]

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Carlos Cabezas Camp Success

During the first week of July, Agora Portals International School offered a basketball camp starring Carlos Cabezas, champion of Spain and of the world and former player of the ACB league. These days have been very successful thanks to the participation of the students and the presence of the basketball champion. The young participants have […]

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Children’s Solidarity Gala

The Agora Portals school auditorium hosted a Children’s Solidarity Gala for the benefit of Amics de la Infància, organized by the Rotary Club Palma Almudaina, the Ivón Frontela Rico Piano School and Euromúsica Producciones. 15 performances that dazzled a full house with poetry, music and dance, in an event presented jointly by Marga Noguera and […]

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Carlos Cabezas Campus

This year´s offer at Agora Portals Summer School features a Basketball Campus with the former ACB player, Spain and World Champion Carlos Cabezas. Cabezas belongs to the golden generation of Spanish basketball and boasts two world championship trophies of Spanish basketball, obtained in 1999 and 2006. Now, taking advantage of the end of the sports […]

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